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Renters choose Lynx Realty for reliable management services and well-maintained properties.

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The decision to move from renting to owning a home is a big one. If you’re ready to jump in to the real estate market, we’re here to help.

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Lynx Realty is Best in Class as a property management company offering a complete range of residential property management services…

What our clients are saying…

Over the years, Lynx Realty has advised me of additional things that we should do to make sure we could attract – and keep – good long term tenants. In some units, we have had the same tenants for 4+ years. Before Lynx Realty took over, we typically had tenants stay for only a few months and then vanish.

Bob O.
Petaluma, CA

Lynx Realty treated us with respect. Other companies made us feel as if we were second class citizens. Lynx Realty attends to our issues as they arise. They are fair and transparent about their policies and procedures, and make it clear what is expected of us.

Abigail J
Mesa, AZ