Property Owners

Lynx Realty is Best in Class as a property management company offering a complete range of residential property management services that we have designed specifically with the investor, owner, and landlords in mind. Our broker, H. Steven Johnson, has been working with owners and investors since 2007 bringing them great returns on their investments, and then getting them top dollar when they’re ready to sell.

A key to being a great property manager is understanding where your client is in terms of their desire to hold their property indefinitely, or their readiness to sell the property in the near future, and understanding their risk tolerance and budgetary needs. There are many licensed real estate agents who can legally manage rental properties, but do they have the experience necessary to protect you from unnecessary risks, screen tenants properly, collect the rents timely, and find ways to maximize your return on investment at the same time? You’re in the business to maximize your profits and grow your portfolio. At Lynx Realty, that is what we do.

Whether you’re a seasoned Landlord, an accidental Landlord or a just-getting-started Landlord, we’re here to help.