Owner FAQ’s


Lynx Realty is a full-time property management company and the first step to management is finding the right investment opportunity to match our owners’ needs. We are experts in the industry and fully understand the sales and rental markets in the Phoenix metropolitan area. As such, we excel at helping you identify great investment opportunities. For new investors, we also prepare you for what it means to be a landlord, and what passive income really is. You’ll appreciate the professionalism brought to the bargaining table on your behalf.

Additionally, Lynx Realty, is the number one seller of all the properties it manages. When our investors want to sell their properties, we will get right to work with selling process. We already know your property, and we've already built such a great working relationship, it just makes sense to keep this seamless, and let us do all the work for you.

Lynx Realty was founded by H. Steven Johnson, a premier property manager and real estate broker in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Many property managers merely manage property on the side and focus on other professions within real estate. At Lynx Realty, our primary focus is on working with investors. We have frequently found new ingenious ways of keeping the investors’ needs at the forefront. Whether you’re an investor focused on cashflow, tax advantages, or long-term capital gains, we have skills at bringing the most value to the table for you. Our agents go through rigorous training every year, keeping up with the latest legal cases, political activities, and government decisions that affect our industry. You can rest assured you’re with the best.

Lynx Realty completes a thorough diagnosis of every property we manage. This includes the condition of the property, how it can be improved economically, as well as a thorough market analysis to make sure you’re placed in the best financial position available for the property. We typically have our owners making more than they ever thought was possible within the first year or two. We do everything possible to make sure your vacancy rate remains at the lowest possible levels, while screening tenants so you get the best tenants for your property.

Lynx Realty diligently markets all our vacant properties. Of course, we post a For Rent signs, but that is just the beginning. We place your listing on the most popular rental websites and utilize the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Lynx Realty works hard to make sure you get the right tenant. We’ve been around a long time and know that it’s much harder (and often more expensive) to place the wrong tenant into a property, than to take the time to get it right. A small vacancy gap between tenants is a best practice, but we try to keep that to a minimum. We spend some time ensuring your property is ready for the rental market and attractive to potential residents. No one can predict exactly how long a property will be on the market, on the front end, because it depends on elements in the market at that time…things like competition, time of year, and property condition, price point of your home. We’ll ensure it rents as quickly as possible to protect your rental income and your investment.

At Lynx Realty, it is typically your tenant’s responsibility to pay for the home’s utilities, as well as small items such as changing light bulbs and air filters. We conduct regular inspections to make sure the resident is maintaining the home to acceptable standards. Occasionally, an item is of special importance to the owner, so the management company contracts to have it done and builds it into the lease amount. One common item in this category is pool services, primarily because not doing it correctly is too costly.

At Lynx Realty, you’ll keep at least $500 (more for commercial properties) in a reserve trust account to pay for minor maintenance and repair costs. Anything costing more than that will be discussed with you. We have fantastic vendor relationships to help make sure we get good quality work done quickly at the best price.

We do not have very many problems of this nature…however, we have experienced it. We have aggressive fee policies and deadlines that are strictly adhered to in our efforts to make sure tenants do not fall into this category. One reason for this is our strict tenant screening process.  Sometimes, however, things happen, and we have no better choice than to evict a tenant. You are advised of that process when it begins. It’s important we get tenants in the property that can and will pay the rent…and being lenient seldom, if ever works.